Thursday, March 4, 2010

About the Boy Sluts (backstory)

Somebody at y!Gallery was interested in writing a Boy Sluts story, and he asked me some background questions about the Boy Sluts universe. I've never really sat down and written out the guidelines for the BSA (Boy Sluts of America), so it was fun to give it a few minutes and come up with answers. I thought it might be good to document it here, for others who might want to write a story or create a drawing. I'll paraphrase his questions:

Q. How old are the Boy Sluts?
SX: To avoid legal issues, I always just say the boys are "teenagers in school". I leave it to the viewer's imagination to decide if they are in junior high, high school, or college. Recently I've started using "St. X_ Academy", which could be any of those. My imagination probably puts them in 8th grade, but sometimes I have the "Seniors vs the Juniors" or somebody is "a freshman", so its ambiguous.
Answer: feel free to use whatever age you want with your own character names. If you use one of my characters (Rubin, Bobby, Truckee, Tristan or Kyle) then just don't refer to his actual age. You can write "the boy" or "the lad" or other generic modifiers.

Q: Is the Boy Sluts a secretive organization or public?
SX: The Boy Sluts are not secretive. They are exactly like the Boy Scouts, but they are gay-positive. The first published BSA story (Shonen, vol. 1) has them manning a first aid station at the county fair. They fund-raise, they recruit, they hold events. They have uniforms so they can be identified by the public. I imagine that the public sees them just like the Boy Scouts but without the history of discrimination, lies, double-standards and homophobia that tarnishes the Boy Scouts. I guess that makes them more like the Girl Scouts.

Q: How would a boy's parents feel about his participation?
SX: Parents haven't played a part in the Boy Sluts, yet. One character (Ruben) has a gay dad. (Well, he does in my character notes, so I'm now outing his dad publicly!) I think you could write it either way. Some parents might object to their child joining the Boy Scouts, too ("no son of mine is joining a para-military psuedo fascist organization!")

Q: Are there any restrictions on the kind of sex/kink in a Boy Sluts story?
SX: I don't think there are many kinks that wouldn't fit into the Boy Sluts universe. In general, I try to make the BSA sex-positive. The only non-consensual drawings I've done are with a smaller boy (Tristan) dominating older and bigger boys, and even then there is some tacit understanding that they are following his orders willingly (since he's smaller and physically weaker). The Boy Sluts certainly encourage boys to explore their sexuality and award badges for different activities. I probably shy away from any lasting damage (I'm not sure how I'd wrap my mind around castration). If I were doing a vore scene the boys would be going into and coming out of the animal (Jonah, swallowed by a whale, reguritated, and then saying "Coool! can we do that again?!").

My own drawings have had bondage, flogging, CBT, diapers, group sex, glory holes (anonymous sex), vanilla sex, drugs (pot and MDMA), furries (ie, Cub Sluts), age difference, prostitution (fundraisers), xdressing, piercings, sub/dom, watersports, bukake, food play, and probably a few things I'm forgetting.

So, in general, any kink is fine if you can put an up-beat spin on it. The boys should learn some positive lesson, learn a new skill ("today we're going to learn cock piercing, ... who wants to volunteer?") or triumph or evil.

If you want to do something dark and demeaning, with a fucked up outcome you might as well just use Boy Scouts, since that universe also exists.



  1. I think in this universe the parents might object, but only to the para military part and not the Gay or the sex.

  2. I would love to see more diapered boy sluts!