Monday, May 3, 2010

Boy Sluts Clubhouse - WEBSITE

New BOY SLUTS CLUB website

I'm putting the link in the sidebar.

I finally got my ass in gear to get my website domain. The hosting company had some generic site designs, so I used one with soccer boys on it (I kind of like it!) until I get some time to do something nicer. This webmaster needs himself a webslave.

So, If I ever get permabanned from blogspot, or if you do, and you still want to find my drawings, you can find links over here:
Boy Sluts Club House

I will only be posting worksafe drawings there (the adult stuff will be behind better filters), and then the links to my adult galleries and blog.

Eventually there will be info on how to buy Boy Sluts comics (when available), T-shirts, Boy Sluts underwear (briefs, panties and jockstraps), and other cool stuff I might think up.

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