Tuesday, April 20, 2010

big Brother - p. 5

I'm trying out a slightly different pen style (brushpen) here, and I used speedlines for the first time. I like the ones on shoulder, but I think I messed up the ones on the ball.

I used a photo reference to get the pose right (well, actually from three different ones, one for each player). Devin's action was hard for me to draw because he's about to kick the ball with his back (his right) foot. That's why his body is twisting.

The god of soccer comics (manga) Higuchi Diasuke, and his 24-volume series
. Man can he draw!

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  1. Yeah, the lines should all be going the same direction but you know that now. I think this works really well, I mean you know exactly what is going on so you did good. I also love the younger brother hero worship of the older. This is a great story and I'm eager to see it go on and on.