Monday, February 15, 2010

His Sister's Bike

"How embarassing!" fumed Marcus as he furiously pumped the pedals of his sister's horribly pink and white bike. The day was going from bad to worse, and school hadn't even begun. He'd been up too late studying for Mrs Ash's math test and slept through his alarm clock. Then burnt his mouth on the microwaved porridge, which made him bite his lip. He almost forgot his English homework, he did forget his lunch, and ran to the bus. Marcus watched as the bus had just pulled away from the stop with half his classmates pointing and laughing at him. He ran back the three blocks to home and discovered that his bike - the nice shiny black one with the red seat that looked so cool - had a flat tire. So now he was late for school AND he was riding this horrible, horrible PINK bicycle. People were staring, cars were honking, and he had the nagging suspicion that he'd forgotten something else, something very important, but he didn't have time to figure out what it was.


  1. New blog! Champagne time! XD This was a great choice to start with - definitely one of my favorites of yours and always puts a smile on my face.