Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot Story (from real life)

I joined FetLife recently. It is an online kinky sex community. (it is 80% straight, but there are still some cute guys on it). One of the hot ones posted this. I really want to turn it into a story, but I'm not sure how. It is one of the shortest hot stories I've ever read. (yeah, for him it isn't a story - or is it? - but it is written like one... its so emo... )

I'll preserve his anonimity by not giving his name (we'll call him Bill)

Since puberty I've had fantasies about men but had been able to force them out of my head. In the last year though the fantasies of men (Dominating me, demeaning me, fucking me, making me suck their cocks) have been getting worse and more frequent, to the point where I can no longer have a sexual relationship with women.

Some of the time I want to indulge in these desires, but most times I continue to fight it. I'm looking for someone who can convince me to explore these desires, and if it comes to it, teach me how to give in to them.

He seems perfect for the Boy Sluts, don't you think?
I'm sure Tristan could take care of his needs. Hell, yesterday's drawing (Master and Jock) could pretty well be the illustration for it.

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  1. Most interesting. Someone should take care of him. :D